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We believe that our beautiful, handmade pottery improves people's lives.

House of Klei is an independently run boutique clay studio in Pune offering functional, wheel-thrown ceramic homewares. It came into existence in 2020 with the vision to “bring a little more joy into the homes of others.” Here at HOK studio, we create a range of contemporary, design-led functional pottery articles like mugs, plates, bowls, tumblers, jars, platters, oil & vinegar pourers, and all that tells a story.

For us, pottery isn’t about churning out a mug and a plate; it’s about sharing our love of clay with others. The studio also offers pottery classes to beginners and intermediate students with curious minds. We welcome you to unwind and experience the art of making.

Experience the joy of making

Uniquely made handcrafted Ceramics
Meet our Artist

Shweta Rao is a trained Fashion Designer with over 25 years of experience in the Design Education space. She started her career as an educator and lecturer at various design schools in and around Pune. She loves teaching and working with students. Shweta’s eagerness and curiosity took her to Mumbai, where her dreams took shape under the guidance of nationally renowned ceramic artist Sandeep Manchekar at the IES Centre of Ceramic Design.

Her work celebrates her minimalistic aesthetics and her love for distinct forms and textures. Shweta’s specialty lies in wheel-thrown considered & functional articles using high-fired stoneware clay. She finds pottery’s methodical and tactile nature meditative and feels reverence for this craft’s deep history. Her attention to detail and unrelenting production standards give House of Keli’s pieces incredible quality and effortless usability.